Private Lessons for Digital Marketing

Sample Resources:

New to SEO? Click Here to Download the sample Intro SEO Lessons. This is an example of the type of Power Point summary slides that are provided in addition to in-person lectures.

In addtion to summary material we provide other visual ways to understand Digital Marketing. For example, Gantt chart’s are an easy visual away to represent workflow, tasks, and duration. Here is a sample Gantt chart to show you what is involved in SEO. All these topics are covered in lessons and provided in our Professional SEO services. Click here to download our SEO  Overview Gantt Chart.

Sample Assignment:

This is not a academic essay, quality of writing and formatting is less important than conveying a strong understanding of SEO. This assignment covers basic SEO ideas, and learning how to identify valuable keywords for SEO.

Sample Assignment – Identify the following:

  • Choose a website (local websites are preferred)
  • Identify Target audience – B2C and/or B2B
  • Examples of types of search engine queries – navigational, informational, transactional
  • Website goals (are they navigational and/or informational and/or transactional?)
  • Website conversion cycle and the type of information associated with each cycle
  • Identify 5 keywords and their ease of ranking (Identify: Page 1 Google SEO competition, PR, Backlinks); make reference SEO Quake and
  • Present your research with data and create a Keyword Summary Table.
  • Identify how the site currently ranks with those keywords
  • Provide SEO Suggestions: On site SEO Changes, Off site SEO changes, content.
  • In brief bullet points identify tasks for planning, execution, and monitoring

Format: Table of Contents. Executive Summary. Followed by further information and research.


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