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Our manual, unique, content driven SEO bears the least risk, none of our clients have ever been blacklisted. Honestly we wouldn’t sleep well at night if they did. And that’s as important as the bottom line.

Legitimate  SEO content means we do things that naturally happen on the web, and that Google guidelines and search algorithm rewards with ranking increases. People get interested in your product, and post content about it online with a link to your website, in a nutshell that’s how Google judges if a website is relevant and boosts their rank.

Some SEO firms still try to short cut Google since less effort  means more profit. But the cost and risk are great to the client, websites that use’ black hat’ shortcuts  get blacklisted and businesses lose all their ranking in Google. For the past 20 years SEO consultants have found ways to cheat and short cut Google. Google continuously responds  by making their search algorithm more intelligent and aware of these shortcuts such as: link spamming, automated content, foreign outsourcing.

By carefully  following Google newest search updates and algorithms we know the kinds of things that Google likes to see and what they don’t. We focus on creating legitimate, thematically relevant, niche content, related to your product or service, with only a few backlinks (link that point to your website) pointed to your site, we also create a variety of other types of profiles (eg. social profiles, social bookmarks, aggregators, guest blog posts) that are safe, fully manual and unique, deliberately slow and conservative, and consistent with Google’s guidelines.

Fully manual work

No foreign outsourcing

Team leader is a Seneca web marketing professor

  • Up to 10,000 words of SEO content / month
  • Manual & Content Creation Based SEO
  • No Foreign outsourcing, No shortcuts
  • Superb results, Superb references
  • Free web site evaluation
  • Team lead is a college marketing professor

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