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On-PAge SEO: Anatomy of a Perfectly Optimized Page

On-site SEO refers to the elements on a website that help search engines know what keywords you want to rank for. This is different than off-site SEO which refers to the creation of content and profiles that point back to your website (like a directory listing with a  link to your site).

Search Engine like people prefer simplicity when reviewing websites. On-site SEO helps search engines understand what’s on your site, and there’s a right way and a wrong way to set up on site SEO. We specialize in cleaning up and optimizing your web site’s ‘backend’ while keeping in mind keywords you are targeting for SEO. This not only helps SEO but also helps search engines quickly and accurately understand what’s on your site

  1. Start with Keywords in your website title: Your title tag is important for on-page SEO.  In this example the business is related to Electronic Cigarette’s.Note how this appears right in the website Title.
  2. Also Include keywords in your meta description. This is the section that appears as a summary of your website in google (below the Title)


Url Structure: Url structures help prevent headaches down the line and help you rank in Google.
look at the difference between these two urls:



The second URL is a lot more clear and clean. Most importantly it gives you a clear understanding of what is on the page. No clutter or room for error.

Like humans, Search Engines prefer simplicity. You want them to understand what is on the page and the URL should correctly and simply reflect that, while also bearing in mind keywords you may want to rank for. Also it takes less time for search engines to understand your webpage content and this lowers demand on bandwidth and processing power, which Google and other search engines reward you for!

Fully manual work

No foreign outsourcing

Team leader is a Seneca web marketing professor

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  • Team lead is a college marketing professor

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