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Safe backlinks are the building block of proper SEO. Backlinks are incoming links from any other website or blog on the net that link to you. If your website has a lot of links from good, reputable, unique websites that have relevant content this increases your chances to rank for specific keywords in Search Engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

We publish links and content that Search Engines reward. We are all about full transparency, and provide safe, slow, varied, manual and unique links and content to outperform your competitors on the web.

Backlinks are not risky or bad by default they occur naturally and organically on the internet, and always have. According to Google backlinks are still an important factor in terms of ranking. But Google does penalize websites that use spam techniques and overly rely on backlinks. In general the quantity of backlinks is not important, it’s the quality. Backlinks should come from websites with unique content, many subpages, varied other links to other sites (not just your site).

It is important to run websites that are hosted on different IP addresses too. This is important because Google does not want you to get backlinks from many similar IP addresses, Google considers it running link networks, which can get you penalized in Google.

While building links we always monitor the IPs of the websites from which we produce content, and slowly and cautiously produce content that is organic, valuable to the web and will increase your ranking.

We provide organic links that are based around SEO content. We manually write about unique and niche related topics. These links are not only allowed in Google but Google wants to see this kind of content creation on the internet.

Fully manual work

No foreign outsourcing

Team leader is a Seneca web marketing professor

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  • Team lead is a college marketing professor

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