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Search Reporting – A Full Spectrum of Services

Toronto Web Marketing provides transparent and detailed search reporting on the key performance indicators of your Digital Marketing campaign. Customer care rules supreme and we are completely answerable to our clients, we want you to stay informed of our work and progress.

Successful ROI needs to take into account our key deliverables to you, which is outranking your competitors online.

Every month we provide a clear transparent picture of how your campaign has performed and we will write up a summary of exactly what we did and show you all backlinks, SEO content writing, and analysis completed.

Some of the content of our reports:

  • Are our effort improving our organic search?
  • What SEO task were completed this month?
  • What impact does this have on our SEO campaign?
  • What new opportunities were identified to optimize for organic search
  •  Are there any new competitive threats?

Fully manual work

No foreign outsourcing

Team leader is a Seneca web marketing professor

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