Speed is a killer – Web site Speed, Profit, and SEO Ranking

The most common things to fix to increase speed time are the following:

  1. compressing images on your web site . enable page cache.
  2. move to a faster server. check out content distribution networks.
  3. optimize your sites code – there are lots of trick for html and css and php.

The faster your site loads the more traffic it will retain, the more profitable it is. Load time is how long it takes for your site to completely load in peoples browsers.

 -most sites are too still slow for mobile browsing

-consumers expect sites to load within 2-3 seconds. Otherwise they leave, especially on mobile browsing.

So faster load times can increase profitability, because users will stay on your site longer, also there are benefits for SEO of having a site load faster, it’s one of the SEO factors Google uses to judge where you fall in the ranks.

 So what can you do? Well review the list at the top of the post and..

You can start by benchmarking how your site currently performs: go to http://www.gtmetrix.com and https://developers.google.com/speed/pagespeed/insights/ to learn how fast your site loads and also what are the core things you can fix to make it load faster.

The speed of your page load is an important on site SEO factor.  Click here to learn more about ON-site SEO for Toronto Web marketing.