What I Learned from Teaching SEO at a Canadian College

SEO is not standardized and lots of people talk the talk, but few walk the walk. My goal was to convey my strong experiences in digital marketing and I found the best thing to do when teaching SEO is to be able to create a story, a narrative about SEO. The website is the good guy we are all rooting for, and the forces of Google are the unstable waters the hero must navigate in order to create seo results out of chaos and SEO ignorance.

A few years ago I taught SEO and Adwords at a College here in Toronto to mature students, as part of a containing education certificate in digital media studies.

The courses learning objectives were defined ahead of time but the material was stretched out over a 3 month semester with weekly 3 hours lectures.

Now, the challenge was figuring out the proper depth and breadth with which to address the material. Since these mature students came from different technological backgrounds and some needed more attention than others.

There’s lots of SEO software, techniques, and jargon that we use in order to maximize our efficiency and ability to execute powerful SEO, and teaching these software’s take patience and time. Some people who have issues formatting a word doc are just not going to get this software without one on one personal lectures.

What I found was fashioning an ongoing narrative and combining that with focused tutorials of SEO software and terminology seems to keep people engaged, and is a simple way of making sense of this broad topic.


Matija Krunic