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  • How Has Toronto Web Marketing Impacted Various Industries, Including Pharmaceuticals and Local Blue Collar Firms
    Check out our Work and See screen caps of ranking in pharmaceuticals and local blue collar companies. Achieving national rank for competitive keywords in pharmaceuticals, tech, blue collar companies, and more, they showcase diverse expertise in Toronto's market. Matija's 12+ years of marketing work and role as a marketing manager in IT bring unparalleled value to your business.
  • What Real Results Can I Expect with Toronto Web Marketing
    Clients have achieved top Google rankings, local and less competitive business can see SEO ranking on Google within 90 days or less, increased sales, and national rank for competitive keywords. And Google Ads (Adwords) can be up and running in a couple of weeks! Testimonials from Toronto businesses reflect the tangible success driven by Matija's 12+ years of marketing work.
  • How Does Toronto Web Marketing Optimize My Google AdWords Campaign
    Specializing in Google Ads (AdWords), they craft tailored campaigns to increase sales and traffic for Toronto and North American businesses. Benefit from Matija's experience as a marketing manager in IT, ensuring a competitive edge. The process involves deep keyword research and competitor analysis to create the best ad copywriting. Industry-standard AdWords builds, including negative keywords, broad phrase match keyword types, and management of over 400k in AdWords spends for clients, further enhance the effectiveness of your campaigns. This comprehensive approach ensures that your advertising resonates with your target audience and delivers tangible results.
  • What Makes Toronto Web Marketing's Branding and Copywriting Unique
    Offering branding and copywriting services, Toronto Web Marketing goes beyond mere words to breathe life into your brand's essence. Led by Matija Krunic, who has taught copywriting and Fortune 500 company branding at Seneca College for multiple semesters, the approach is both artful and analytical. With 12+ years of experience in helping clients position themselves uniquely, Matija's expertise adds depth, authenticity, and a touch of sophistication to your message. You can explore relevant branding examples and see the transformative work in our portfolio. It's not just about writing; it's about crafting a narrative that resonates with your audience in Toronto and beyond.
  • How Can I Get a Free Marketing Evaluation Tailored to My Toronto Business
    Request a free proposal on the website for a comprehensive evaluation of your Toronto-based business's online presence. Benefit from insights drawn from Matija's extensive experience as a marketing manager in IT. Text or email to set a time to talk.
  • What Makes Toronto Web Marketing's SEO Services Stand Out
    Matija Krunic HBA HBFA PMP is honest, highly creative (imagine I also compose music for orchestra), and interested in marketing, like it's fun and engaging work! Matija is a passionate marketing professor at Seneca College and a PMP-certified professional, Toronto Web Marketing offers manual content-based SEO with no foreign outsourcing. This ensures superb results for businesses in Toronto, reflecting 12+ years of marketing expertise.
  • How Can Toronto Web Marketing Enhance My Brand's Online Presence & Ranking
    We are passionate about competitor research, identifying the best strategies to establish thought leadership in your industry. By meticulously analyzing what your competitors are doing right, we not only aim to outrival them but also draw inspiration for keyword research and brand positioning. This approach ensures that your brand's YouTube presence is not only competitive but also uniquely tailored to resonate with your target audience in Toronto.
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